RELATIONSHIP SOS Psychotherapy for Couples near Croydon, Surrey

What Can you Expect From Therapy?

-When we experience problems in our intimate relationships, whether we are married or not, it can feel extremely painful and lonely. Our world may feel as if it is falling apart. Couples counselling explores our relationship dynamic. How do we behave towards our partner and ourselves? What underpins our attitudes, behaviour, sexual relating and beliefs about life?

-Together we will find out how your inner psychological and emotional worlds influence your present behaviour. For couple relationships, this is jointly explored along with external factors, such as gender roles, relationships with friends and family, work stresses and individual attitudes towards money. When we understand ourselves better we are freer to make informed choices and so choose the direction of change.

-My aim is to be approachable and empathetic thereby enabling clients to talk about difficult and intimate problems which they might not want to discuss with friends and family.

-We are all different but with similarities and so there are no 'one size fits all' type solutions. I listen carefully to what you are experiencing and try and help you understand it in deeper and broader context which will help you make the changes that are personal to you. Being told what is a better way will not help us change as it needs to come from within if it is to last and benefit us. We are all similar in that respect.

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