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Frequently Asked Questions

*What happens during the initial appointment?

In the first session, which is 75 minutes long, you will explain what you feel your problems are and I will ask you questions about your family background. This is because, in psychodynamic psychotherapy, I need to try and understand what aspects of your early life may be affecting you unconsciously.

* What happens in a regular session?

In each subsequent session, clients bring the issues they feel are the main problems in their relationship and we explore these together. Hopefully, the increase in understanding will help in the resolution of the issues presented. No one knows better than the client what is 'getting to' him/her.

* How long is a session?

Each session is 55 minutes and takes place regularly at the same time each week. Occasionally, if there are difficulties in keeping the regular session, I will offer an alternative if possible.

* How many sessions will I/we need?

This is a common question. The length of time clients come to therapy will depend on how they feel they are progressing. Ultimately, it is up to the client but with an input from the therapist. As a general rule, the more committed we are to understanding and finding out about ourselves and our behavoiurs, the more likely we are to achieve that.

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